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  Interpretation is a common way of translation. It can quickly and accurately convert the information you hear or read from one language to another. Today, Beijing Translation Company has brought some suggestions for practicing interpretation to help you.


  1. Normalization of Listening Practice


  For the entry stage, listening practice is the most important. Without good listening ability, the study of interpreting skills will achieve twice the result. Therefore, the daily listening practice time should not be less than half an hour. This half-hour is a half-hour of concentrating on listening, or retelling, or dictation, which can be repeated in a text until it is fully understood. This exercise should proceed from one's own level, the corpus should be easy to enter difficult, step by step. In addition to this half hour, we also need to use various time gaps for extensive listening exercises to create a foreign language context for ourselves to sharpen our ears.


  2. Vocabulary Accumulation Specialization


  For foreign language expression, vocabulary is the bricks and tiles for building a house and the parts for making a machine. For interpreting learners, vocabulary books should be prepared "in different categories". Different fields should have special vocabulary books. It is a "once and for all" method to memorize the relevant expressions encountered in learning and record the specialized vocabulary books, which is convenient for the preparation of interpretation in the future. At the same time, we should reserve four or five ways of expression for each meaning, distinguish similarities and differences, and master usage, so that we can express freely and fluently in the process of interpretation.


  3. Widespread reading field


  Broad background knowledge is one of the three legs of an interpreter. Therefore, in daily learning, it is necessary to browse knowledge in various fields, press new developments in various industries and fields step by step, read news reports in various newspapers and periodicals every day, and also read in-depth analytical articles, master relevant knowledge in reading, reserve relevant expressions, and enable oneself to achieve "one expertise and many abilities" as soon as possible. " Reading materials should also be selected from their own level, from easy to difficult, step by step. While reserving background knowledge, we should also learn how to express ourselves in reading, especially in foreign languages.


  4. Be bold in public


  Interpretation has a high demand for interpreters'psychological endurance because of its on-site and immediate nature. From the beginning of the introduction, students should deliberately exercise and even train their psychological endurance, seize all opportunities, and speak and express themselves in public. This opportunity can either answer questions in class or participate in various competitions and performances. Its purpose is to make oneself accustomed to becoming the focus of attention, and gradually form the psychological ability of being safe from danger, fearless, and even happy in it.


  5. Happiness in Persistence and Hardship


  So many words to memorize, so many materials to read, so many skills to practice, since then, "eating, drinking and playing" seems to have become a family matter, and every day I am either practicing interpretation or on the way to practice interpretation. This process is really very painful and tired, without perseverance, it is difficult to enter the room. Nevertheless, every effort is rewarded. From the beginning to the top, it is a long and arduous climbing process. It is bound to be a love of interpretation and a persistent ambition to reach your goal.


  This is what Beijing Translation Company has brought to you. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can watch other articles on this site. If you need to reproduce, please indicate the source.

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